5 Best Smart Kitchen Appliances You’ll Absolutely Love!

I love spending time in the kitchen. I love it nearly as much as I love browsing kitchen gadgets any time I end up in department stores or even the local B&M Bargains. Sometimes I don’t need them but I’m fascinated by all the technology that’s out there now to help make cooking and preparing food that much easier. With the advent of smartphones and IoT technology, the appliances we use in the kitchen are becoming ‘smart’ and delivering enhanced control to become that much more useful.

What are smart kitchen appliances?

Smart kitchen appliances are devices in the kitchen that can be controlled remotely. These appliances can be connected through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and can often be controlled using an app on a smartphone.

Smart kitchen technology doesn’t always require the use of a smartphone app. Instead, some have smart functionality built-in to operate the gadget more efficiently, such as presets and programmes.

In this list of best smart kitchen appliances, I’m going to recommend gadgets that improve the way you cook or work in the kitchen, rather than devices that make a simple task that much harder. Some things don’t need to be ‘smart’ but there are definite benefits to the following products below:


Meater Smart Meat Thermometer

Smart Meat Thermometer

The last thing you want to do is give food poisoning to you, your family or dinner guests which is where this smart meat thermometer really comes into its own. With the Meater Smart Meat Thermometer, you can use the wireless, rechargeable meat thermometer with your smartphone to get an estimated cooking time for your meat and alerts so you know when it’s ready! By measuring the internal temperature of the meat and entering what type you’re cooking, the smart meat thermometer takes the guessing game out of cooking meat for a better cooked dish!


Ninja Foodi Max

Ninja Foodi MAX 15-in-1 SmartLid Multi-Cooker

Imagine a pressure cooker, air fryer and grill all in one easy-to-use device? This is exactly what the Ninja Foodi MAX Multi-Cooker is! This incredible kitchen gadget offers 3 modes and 15 cooking options to cook a variety of meals for you and your family. Fancy roasting a whole chicken? You can do that! Perhaps steam some vegetables? Sure! From slow cook to saute, this smart cooking appliance can do it all. You can choose from a range of cooking options to ensure your meal is just right, including Pressure Cook, Air Fry, Grill, Bake, Dehydrate, Prove, Sear/Sauté, Steam, Slow Cook, Yoghurt, Steam Meals, Steam Air Fry, Steam Bake, Steam Bread and Steam Roast. It also features a digital cooking probe which monitors the temperature of your selected meat and lets you know when it’s cooked and ready to remove.


RENPHO Smart Kitchen Scales


Smart Kitchen Scales

if you follow a particular diet and meal prep is important to you, then smart kitchen scales are just the hi-tech gadget you need in your kitchen! Some smart kitchen scales, such as the RENPHO digital kitchen scales, have an app you can connect to on your smartphone and log the foods you’re weighing and consuming, in order to better understand your calorific intake. The app logs all the nutritional info of the produce, taking into account how much (the weight) of the food you’ve consumed, allowing you to track your progress. For someone who’s a model, who’s into bodybuilding, is an athlete, or is sticking to particular type of diet, such as keto, or trying to lose weight, smart scales can really help to improve how you manage your diet.


Weekett Smart Kettle

Smart Kettle

Boiling the kettle to have a brew is as simple as a flick of the switch so I was hesitant to recommend this smart appliance but this one really expands the options that makes it incredibly useful for people out there who need water at a certain temperature. The Weekett Smart Kettle allows you to connect to your kettle via an app on your smartphone and select a temperature between between 40°C and 100°C which you’d like your kettle to boil at – very handy! It’s also great for parents who need to prepare bottles for their baby.

There are other advantages to having a kettle that can be boiled at the press of a button on a smartphone. For instance, if you’re disabled or have mobility problems, then only having to get up to pour the water when boiled will save two trips to the kettle, providing there’s enough water in the smart kettle to begin with.


Roomba Vacuum Cleaner

Robot Vacuum

By now, you should have heard about the little robots you can buy that roam your kitchen and living room, quietly vacuum cleaning your floors leaving you more time for your other chores. For some people, using your regular vacuum cleaner is much faster and easier to do, but if you have mobility problems or lead a busy lifestyle, then a robot vacuum cleaner could make cleaning your home that much easier and stress-free!

The most famous of the robot vacuum cleaners is the iRobot Roomba. Whilst most will vacuum your hard floors or carpet of crumbs, pet hair and the like, some even have mop functionality. Simply manually switch the Roomba on or use the Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to issue voice commands to instruct it to begin cleaning and off it goes. If you use the app, you can even schedule days and times when it should clean the room which can be very handy to have the cleaning done if you’re out shopping or at work. Some models of the Roomba will even return to base after it’s finished cleaning.

There’s plenty of other brands out there now producing robot vacuums so it’s worthwhile to read some of the reviews to find out which one is right for your needs.

What are your favourite smart kitchen appliances?

With technology improving all the time, we’re likely to see more and more kitchen appliances become ‘smart’ to help our lives become easier at the touch of a button. Whilst it can be said that many things don’t need to be integrated with enhanced technology in order to work, there’s clearly some benefits to be had at times, especially if you struggle to move around the home.

Do you have smart kitchen appliances in your home? How big of a difference have they made to your life? Let me know by leaving a comment below

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