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AC/AL Studio creates martial arts-inspired table and chair set

Comprising a seat, arm chair and a dining table, the Dojo series is part of French design brand Petite Friture’s 2018 collection.

“Dojo, the consequence of two decades of effort, is evidenced by a strict outline,” stated that the designers. “In reference to the Dōjō, a location dedicated to the study of meditation and the learning of martial arts, this group emerged from a search for nature, also harmoniously joins structural tensions and the fluidity of those lines”

Directed by Petite Friture as “elegant, fluid and elegant”, the Dojo seats are characterised with their curvilinear silhouettes that remember the form of classic bentwood seats. The seat backs are made from steel even though the legs and seats are made from beech.

While the legs are beech at the base and steel at the very top, the Dojo table features a top made from beech.

The designers intentionally selected two contrasting substances, explaining that the “combination of substances participates from the fluidness of the curves”.

Founded in 2013, AC/AL Studio was founded by ENSCI-Les Ateliers graduates Amandine Chhor and Aïssa Logerot. Both designers spent prior to establishing their own studio working, with the goal of creating objects that balance function and form.

The Dojo set marks Petite Friture on the layout studio collaboration.

Located at this season’s IMM Cologne along with Maison&Objet fairs, the newest designs will be shown beneath Petite Friture’s 2018 Villégiature PF motif — a theory that runs throughout the brand’s booth layout, styled photography, and advertising material.

Meaning “hotel” in French, Villégiature PF is a imaginary holiday house portrayed by French illustrator Lisa Laubreaux.

The sketches, which portray figures dancing at a late summer vacation holiday street party, building sandcastles from the beachfront, and having a picnic on the lawn of Laubreaux, are collaged with pictures of their goods.

“The reason why we picked Lisa Laubreaux to sketch these joyful, familiar scenes which capture the soul of vacations, is since her humorous stroke makes one smile,” stated that the brand. “Lisa’s drawing style has been an immediate match with our approach to the narrative of Villégiature PF.”

“Petite Friture has set its new set in normal holiday scenes evidenced by illustrator Laubreaux; every was created together with the invitation to jump in the drawing and reminisce on those familiar moments we have experienced or struck at a single point in our lives,” it continued. “This is reproduced in the booth design at IMM Cologne and Maison&Objet.”

The newest Villégiature PF collection follows the brand’s 2017 collections, which were grouped under the  subject of Villa PF — an imaginary villa made by artist Ana Montiel where Petite Friture’s designers became the occupants.

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<p>Despatching pricked birds</p>

Despatching pricked birds

A vital component of shooting would be the humane despatching of an injured bird or creature, be it even a pheasant, duck, pigeon, rabbit or pigeon.

The prime objective of shooting quarry would be to ensure, wherever possible, an instantaneous death for your monster we’re pursuing. We are, hopefully, taught how to take by qualified teachers, but inevitably there’ll be occasions, especially on pushed shoots, even when birds have been wounded and need to be quickly despatched. Well-organised pushed shoots will have a group of pickers-up who must be handling capable gundogs and be well versed in dealing with wounded birds. Each will be armed with a priest, even the critical tool for managing a wounded bird.

But anyone who has any experience of shooting will 
have witnessed some appalling sights when it comes to despatching wounded game. The head-twirlers really are a case in point. Holding the pricked bird from the throat they swing the unfortunate monster round and round until its neck finally slides, leaving a period of extended neck that means the bird isn’t just unsightly but also can’t be suspended from the game larder.

hanging pheasants

Pheasants combined and wrapped properly

Respect for your quarry is essential

  • This is an inefficient process of killing. Not only that, but displays a lack of regard for your quarry, akin to the tossing of birds to the back of 
a wagon, rather than coupling 
and dangling them properly.
  • Then there are the head-bashers. Lacking a priest they swing the bird from its own legs against the nearest tree trunk, fencing pole or even the side 
of a stationary vehicle in the vague hope that the unfortunate bird’s thoughts is likely to make contact. Previously some keepers and also pickers-up were known to bite a pheasant’s skull to destroy it.
  • To ensure our game is as humane as possible we train our gundogs to regain both dead and wounded birds to hand. In the event of the latter, it is crucial to make sure that death is painless and instantaneous, to optimise welfare. This is best accomplished by 
a fast, hard blow to the bird’s head, while holding it with wings closed in the other hand. 
 There will be a brief flapping of the wings, but this is merely nerves shutting down. The bird is dead.
  • A word of caution, however. Take great care if you are handling a gently pricked cock pheasant, especially 
a survivor with long, sharp spurs. 
 The bird will probably kick and unless you’re extremely cautious you may well end 
up with a badly gashed hand.
Priest for pricked birds

Using a priest to provide a swift, hard blow on the back of a bird’s head will kill it immediately

Despatching pricked birds using a priest is the most humane way

The Humane Slaughter Association (HSA), although offering information to poultry keepers on techniques of despatch, notes neck dislocation, if used correctly by an experienced operator, can create extensive damage to the brainstem and render the bird immediately unconscious. Studies have indicated this isn’t always the case, especially where there hasn’t been full separation of their throat and destruction of the brainstem. It has also been revealed, horrifyingly, there could still be brain function and awareness around 30 seconds after 
a bird has been decapitated.

The use of so-called humane neck crushers, or pliers, is also condemned by the HSA on the grounds that there is no scientific evidence to demonstrate that throat crushing produces immediate unconsciousness and may be less powerful than direct neck dislocation. I’ve, in the past, briefly used among these instruments but shortly dropped it on the grounds it wasn’t, in my opinion, efficient.

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What is the most humane method to dispatch an injured bird?

What is the ideal means of despatching a pricked pigeon? Will a pricked bird flapping around close to the decoy pattern cease…

The ultimate guide to great picking-up

Picking-up: A few wise words in the picking-up pro.