White genocide in South Africa is real: “3-year-old girl crucified on kitchen table then raped…” – Rebezi News Service

In a recent interview, Simon Roche (Suidlanders.org) laid out in graphic detail some examples of murders within the attempted genocide happening now in South Africa to white farmers and their families:

An elderly couple had boiling water poured over them. An elderly gentleman got locked up in his Ford truck and the truck was set on fire and he burned to death. A four-year-old girl was raped by three men but survived it… And because she survived, she was then bundled up in newspaper with gasoline poured over it and then set on fire. A three-year-old girl was crucified on her parent’s kitchen table then raped… Then after that, her father had his throat slit and her mother was killed as well.

Simon Roche continued to say that it is beyond people’s imagination what South Africa is in at the moment.

It is reported by a crime scene investigator with firsthand knowledge that these kinds of killings are happening every day now. Yet the government is not acknowledging it and mainstream media worldwide for the most part does not report on it. Clearly there is a purposed agenda to wipe out white people from South Africa.

Whether the killings of white farmers are fueled by racism, unemployment or just hatred, the government is actively encouraging the killings.

In 2012, South African President Jacob Zuma infamously antagonized Afrikaners when he sang a song referencing revenge against whites in a public sing-along. “You are a Boer (white man), we are going to hit them….”, Zuma sang with a group.

More recently this has been eerily mimicked by Julius Malema, the leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters, a South African political party (See the video below: A coded message by Julius Malema. See if you can figure out what he’s instructing his followers to do… ).

Featured image: A photo from a crime scene of a farm murder in South Africa.