New Water Rule Endangers Millions of Birds and America’s Water Supply

WASHINGTON(January 23, 2020)– “The Trump Administration’s brand-new water policy makes it a lot simpler to lead America’s important wetlands and set up parking lots,” said David Yarnold, president as well as Chief Executive Officer, National Audubon Society (@david_yarnold) after the Management revealed the completion of its rollbacks to the Clean Water Act. “Marshes are not only essential locations for birds, they also are all-natural barriers that absorb flooding waters and also detoxify water for all of us.”

The newly released, Accessible Seas Protection Regulation, gets rid of Clean Water Act protections for numerous rivers, streams, and wetlands that might allow them to be modified, deteriorated or loaded. As an example, a large number of streams and also wetlands that are only wet for part of the year are currently exempt from Tidy Water Act defenses. Some 138 types as well as subspecies of birds in the U.S. are assigned as “wetland reliant” as well as much more are intimidated by the brand-new policy.

“This fragmentation of Tidy Water Act defenses better endangers birds by putting vital environment in jeopardy of pollution and devastation of environment,” claimed Julie Hill-Gabriel, vice head of state for water policy at the National Audubon Culture. “We’ve already shed 3 billion birds in the previous 50 years as well as we understand that two-thirds of North American bird species go to risk of extinction from environment adjustment.”

Birds use lakes, tributaries, streams, fish ponds, wetlands, prairie craters, as well as other water bodies for reproducing, nesting, as well as elevating young. These water bodies give crucial sources of alcohol consumption water and also food, stop-over places during migration and also required shelter for birds as they look for security from predators as well as severe weather.

Audubon opposed this regulation adjustment and submitted an official letter to the Management last year.

The rule will detrimentally affect birds in the arid southwest, in the Wonderful Lakes to the north, in the Everglades to the south, and also in the Delaware River basin to the east. The Clean Water Act is among our most powerful environmental regulations. The final policy weakens the science-based meaning of “Waters of the United States” and also is one more example of this Management passing laws and policies that are bad for birds and people.


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