Best Smokeless Fuel For Multi Fuel Stoves

If you’re new to the world of multi fuel stoves and are wondering which smokeless fuel would be best used with it, then you’ve come to the right place.

Smokeless fuel is being used more and more with house coal being phased out due to the amount of toxins and CO2 it pumps out into the atmosphere. From May 2023, house coal will no longer be able to be purchased in England and so if you haven’t already switched yet, it’s time to start looking at solid fuel alternatives such as smokeless coal.

In this article, I’ll share with you a selection of the best smokeless fuels for multi fuel stoves which you can buy online.


Homefire Ovals

Homefire Ovals

Producing minimum waste with a slow burn time, Homefire Ovals are a favourite of the smokeless coals and are often used for open fires as well as multi-fuel stoves.

The ovals are tightly-packed together on the grate to produce up to 20% more heat than traditional house coal as they burn for up to 9 hours. The Homefire ovals burn with a beautiful flame that will give your room that nice and cosy vibe.

Homefire oval stove fuel consists of 15% of renewable material and emits up to a whopping 80% less smoke than normal coal whilst burning for up to 40% longer. It’s ideal for use in smoke control areas.

This HETAS approved, Ready To Burn accredited smokeless coal slumbers well overnight.



Manufactured in the UK for over 50 years, Phurnacite is a premium smokeless fuel that can be used with closed appliances such as multi fuel stoves, room heaters and cookers. It is known for providing consistent heat output for up to 18 hours which is why it’s one of the best fuels money can buy right now, giving you more value for your money.

The clean burning briquettes are HETAS approved, are made using 15% of renewable material, and produce little ash.




Taybrite briquettes are a popular choice of smokeless fuel as it can be used in other appliances including open fires and heaters, not just multi fuel stoves. The HETAS approved smokeless fuel is easy to light and burns for an extended length of time with a substantial heat output – perfect for those cold, winter nights! It’s also known to slumber well overnight, ready to recover the following morning. This makes it one of the more economical smokeless fuels.

Taybrite is made from anthracite, petroleum coke, and a molasses and phosphoric acid binder. Featuring 15% of renewable material, Taybrite produces 25% less CO2 emissions and produces a medium amount of ash. it is also accredited by Ready To Burn and is suitable to be used in smoke control areas.




Burning longer than normal coal or kiln dried logs, Ecoal is the premier choice of smokeless fuel for the eco-friendly customer out there.

Unlike the other products mentioned above, Ecoal is made from up to 50% of renewable material, specifically crushed olive stones. Crushed olive stones are a natural by-product of olive oil production and are regenerated every year without harming the environment making Ecoal a truly eco-friendly house coal alternative.

Another benefit of Ecoal is that it emits up to 80% less smoke than coal whilst burning up to 38% hotter. Though it might be more expensive to purchase than house coal or logs, the slow burn rate means less refuelling is required, which ultimately saves you money.

With little ash leftover and up to 40% less carbon dioxide polluting the environment, this HETAS approved fuel is perfect for multi fuel stoves and open fires alike.



Out of all the solid fuels listed in this article, Anthracite is the only naturally-mined product, with Welsh Anthracite being the most common choice in the UK and mined in South Wales.

Anthracite can be tricky to light so some people prefer to get their fire started first using ovals before then adding anthracite. However, with some practice, you should be able to light anthracite using plenty of kindling, firelighter and good air flow

Anthracite is known for its incredible heat output with very little ash produced. It’s a clean-burning smokeless fuel that provides a long-lasting, low flame.

For this who live in a smoke control area, anthracite is one of the fuels on the approved list.

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