Etta: Multifunctional Furniture for Indoor Plants

Italian furniture manufacturer Zilio A&C recently partnered with layout duo Livia Rossi and Gianluca Giabardo of Dossofiorito on a multifunctional piece of furniture called Etta. The design acts as a location to exhibit your plants and objects, it’s a room divider, and in addition, it offers   a place to sit, ideal for placing your shoes.

The initial discussion was to make a spot for indoor crops, which caused the idea of letting the plants grow to become a pure divider for interior spaces. The playful, modular Etta  answers that and then a few with its final design made up of four detachable parts. There is a small curved shelf, two distinct upright screens, along with an upholstered backrest which you can reconfigure into a setup which is right for you, your plants, along with your storage position.

Etta started in the 2017 Salone del Mobile and Collezione SaloneSatellite in Milan.

All image © Zilio A&C / Matevž Paternoster.

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