Free Computer Disposal

When it comes to getting rid of old IT equipment, such as laptops, CRT screens, desktops, mobile phones, hard drives, LCD screens, printers and tablets, the importance of responsible disposal can’t be underestimated. If possible, you should take your old IT electricals to a registered computer recycling company. Here are many of those companies operating in the UK and they all do a great job preventing unsuitable items being sent to landfill sites.

The truth is that disposing of computer items in household waste bins poses real problems for waste operation facilities. Landfill sites are already overflowing with rubbish and causing longterm damage to the environment. Laptop batteries, for example, are full of chemicals which can containment any farmland and rivers near landfill sites. What’s more, laptop batteries can often be repurposed for different use cases, so there is no reason at all to send them to landfill.

Another problem with throwing your old IT equipment into the wheelie bin is that you can’t be sure that someone won’t salvage any hard drives and steal your personal data. Identify theft is a big problem in the UK and one of the main reasons it is possible is because people do not securely delete all of the data on their computer hard drives before throwing them away. Even if you don’t have confidential data stored on your old hard drive, you probably still don’t want people being able to see your family photos and internet browsing history.

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By taking your old computer to a professional IT equipment recycling store, you can rest assured that any data left on your hard drives will be securely deleted. In addition, the store can make money by extracting copper and gold from your computer’s motherboard. If you need to dispose of a mobile phone that has stopped working, the store might take the phone apart and resell the parts.

One of the great things about many online computer recycling companies is that they often provide free postage and packaging so customers don’t have to search for shipping materials or pay for stamps. In addition, many companies offer cash for old electrical devices. The amount of money you can receive from recycling your old mobile phone, laptop or tablet will vary depending on the age, condition and original manufacturer of the device.

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It’s important to note that if you run a business and have a lot of IT equipment to get rid of, you need to hire a professional commercial computer disposal company. You should also check out waste legislation and regulations for businesses on the if you are not sure how to dispose of your business’s IT equipment correctly.

The amount of confidential business and customer data stored on business IT hardware means that secure disposal is vital. The last thing you want is for your business to be found violating customer data protection laws. Therefore, it’s very important that you hire a reputable commercial computer disposal and recycling company.