How To Make Your Office Move Simple and Stress-Free

Office Move

When you have a big moving day coming up, you want to make sure that your office move runs smoothly and there are no problems. However, all too often the moving process is a massive headache for employees, which means that you could end up facing a serious loss in productivity.

Whether you’re a team of one or a team of fifty, ensuring that process is done effectively with as few hiccups as possible (none, ideally) is the ultimate goal.

In this article, I’ll share some top tips to help make your office move simple and stress-free.

1. Plan Ahead

Moving offices is stressful, but with the right planning, it can be a smooth process. First, you want to work out a date when you want to move in to your new office and make sure that your location is available. Once that’s done, you’ll want to find a moving service to hire that is reputable and is insured so that any accidents or damage that occurs during the removal is covered. Don’t leave this until last minute – plan in advance and have a timeline of how the move will go, from packing to the actual moving of the goods. If you need to be out of the building by a certain date but your new office isn’t ready to be moved into, then you may need to look at storage facilities to hold your office goods short-term.

2. Utilise Your Team

It is important to delegate the moving of items from one office to another rather than to shoulder the burden by yourself. While it may seem like a lot of work, it is crucial to delegate this task to office employees. By assigning a small number of staff members to the job, this will ensure that the task is completed in a timely manner. This way, everyone at the office can focus on making sure that the move is running smoothly instead of worrying about being late with their responsibilities.

 3. You’re Going To Need Boxes… Lots of Boxes

Making sure everything is packed away before the big move is an important part of moving office but don’t forget to label the boxes either otherwise you’ll find everything a pain to sort out at your new location. Some removal companies will actually offer packing and dismantling as a service so it’s up to you if you want to cough up the extra coin to cover this or utilise your staff members (or friends if you buy them some drinks) to help you manage the move. Ensure you have enough packing materials, including bubble wrap if necessary, and don’t forget to bring tools to the office to dismantle any desks or furniture for future re-assembly.

4. Ensure Your Company’s Work Is Managed

Try and organise it so that work is covered during the period of your move, whether that’s through allocating the workload to a smaller team of people, offering overtime or strategically planning work to be completed beforehand so there’s less to maintain during the move. Trying to deal with a full workload during a move can make things worse so prioritise important tasks and defer any work that can be left until after you’ve moved into your new office.

5. Move On A Weekend

If you run a business Monday to Friday but close for the weekend, then moving office on the Friday may be the best choice as you can spend the weekend getting your new offices ready for the Monday morning start of the working week. If the bulk of the move it taken care of during the weekend, the remaining boxes can be easily sorted by your staff on their return to the office on Monday. A weekend move also limits the impact on your customers with staff still available during the week to handle any business enquiries or workload.

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