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Why Native Plants Are Better for Birds and People

Why Native Plants Are Better for Birds and People

Wood Thrushes, Eastern Towhees, Veeries, and Scarlet Tanagers (all species of conservation concern) were found in yards with native plantings as compared with yards landscaped with typical alien ornamentals.

What’s more, the habitat provided by native plants can help birds adapt and survive amid a changing climate. More than half of North American bird species are threatened by climate change, and native plants can help increase their resilience by giving them food and places to rest and nest.

Better for People

When you landscape with native species, you can spend more time with the birds and less time with the mower. How does that boost human health? During the growing season, some 56 million Americans mow 40 million acres of grass each week—an area eight times the size of New Jersey! Mowers and weed-whackers burn gasoline to the tune of 800 million gallons per year, contributing to the greenhouse gases that drive global warming.

If you’ve ever filled a lawn mower or weed whacker with gas, you know that spills happen. The EPA estimates that Americans spill more than 17 million gallons of fuel each year while refueling lawn equipment, polluting the air and groundwater. Older, less efficient two-cycle engines release significant amounts of their oil and gas unburned. The less lawn you mow, the less air and water pollution you create.

Less lawn also means less noise pollution. According to the Noise Pollution Clearinghouse, a typical gas-powered push mower emits 85 to 90 decibels for the operator (90-95 for riding lawnmowers). That doesn’t just scare away the birds—it can cause hearing loss over time.

By planting native species, you will also: 

Save water

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, 30 to 60 percent of fresh water in American cities is used for watering lawns. Native plants have adapted to thrive in their regional landscape, without added water or nutrients. With climate change models predicting increased episodes of extreme drought such as California is experiencing, it’s a good time to shift to water-wise yards and native plants.

Control flooding

Cultivating vertical structure in your yard by planting many different species of herbaceous flowering plants, shrubs, and trees creates layers of vegetation that deflect pounding rains, increasing the chance for water to be absorbed by your soil before running off into storm drains and streams.

Use fewer chemicals

Less lawn mowing, fertilizing, and pesticide application means cleaner air and water.

Homeowners apply nearly 80 million pounds of pesticides to lawns in the United States each year. What’s more, they use up to 10 times more pesticides per acre on their lawns than farmers use on crops. During storms, lawn chemicals can be carried by runoff and wind, contaminating streams and wetlands many miles away.

Native plants are often hardier than non-native ornamentals and thrive without pesticides or fertilizers. Moreover, as you work to create a bird-friendly sanctuary in your yard, insects that may have seemed like pests before become allies. Since caterpillars are premium bird food, the holes they make in your oak’s leaves are badges of success and the caterpillars themselves cause for celebration.

Reduce maintenance

Less lawn means less time mowing, weed-whacking, and edging. Landscaping with native plants isn’t maintenance free—invasive weed species are an ongoing issue in any garden. But with careful landscape planning and plant selection, you can create a garden space that minimizes the ongoing input of time and money. That’s a mighty nice change from constant lawn care. And when the mower’s tucked away, you can hear bird song in the silence that reigns.

Create beauty

What does a beautiful outdoor space look like? What does it mean to have a “well-kept” yard? For decades, our standard of green beauty and orderliness has centered on a carpet-like lawn and manicured foundation plantings, an aesthetic that largely excludes birds and other wildlife, and has a hefty carbon footprint. By putting in native plants, you can create a colorful, visually appealing landscape that helps give birds a fighting chance in a changing world.

Family Feeds Dog Using A ‘High Chair,’ But Not Because She’s A Baby

Family Feeds Dog Using A ‘High Chair,’ But Not Because She’s A Baby

We might be used to seeing babies eating in high chairs, but watching a dog eat out of one is quite the sight.

Tink, a silver Labrador retriever, suffers from a rare condition called Congenital Idiopathic Megaesophagus. Megaesophagus means that when Tink eats or drinks, the food and water never make it all the way to the stomach.

“There is no nerve-muscle connection between her throat and the nerve cells in her brain,” Tom Sullivan, Tink’s owner, told Inside Edition. The 1-year-old silver Labrador can’t contract the muscles to swallow her food.


YouTube Screenshot

Source: YouTube Screenshot

Tink has been eating out of a bailey chair since 9 weeks old.

It’s basically a high chair, for a dog.

“When she was 9 weeks old, my brother had watched her and she came home and one side of her stomach was flat and the other one was distended, and that’s when the emergency vet had told us that this is may be megaesophagus,” Sullivan’s wife, Cori, explained.

“She’s a Labrador retriever; she fetches things, she plays Frisbee, she goes on walks, she cuddles, she does everything,” Tom said.

The only thing Tink cannot do is eat or drink like a regular dog.

“My uncle is a veterinarian, and he said it’s not a very good prognosis. So, there were a couple of days of a lot of emotions, a lot of trying to figure out what we were going to do, but there was no way that my wife was giving her up,” Tom explained.

“The esophagus, the way it works, is it kind of squeezes the food and water down kind of like in a motion, we call it peristalsis. But she can’t do that, when she eats or drinks the food just stays in the esophagus,” the veterinarian explained. Tom also added that “when it sits there, her body will reject it, and she will regurgitate it.”


YouTube Screenshot

Source: YouTube Screenshot

So, the chair keeps Tink in an upright position and gravity does the work her esophagus can’t.

“If she is in an upright position anything that’s in her esophagus is going to want to move downward,” Tom said.

Tink eats approximately four times a day, and after mealtime, just like a baby, the parents have to take some time to make her burp.

“After she sits in her chair, this is a normal thing, for about five minutes, typically we burp her, as crazy as that sounds; and then we do a throat massage too where we dig in deep to the esophagus and just to help her move the food down,” Tom said.

And just like a baby, taking care of Tink is a lot of work, a lot of patience, and most people would just not have the time or the money to do it.

On top of that, Tink needs to take medicine two times a day that costs approximately $100 per month.

“What ends up happening is, the animal might be euthanized because the owners can’t handle or can’t dedicate the time and effort it takes to care for them, or they suffer from malnutrition,” the veterinarian explained.

Sadly, the survival rate is low.

But thanks to the Sullivans, Tink has a second chance at life.


YouTube Screenshot

Source: YouTube Screenshot

“Not knowing if we could care for her, or even not knowing if we were going to euthanize her…I cried for at least four days straight. I was just trying to figure out what was going to happen and how much money we were going to put into her, but every penny has been worth it. I wouldn’t change it for the world,” Cori said.

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Sources: Inside Edition, AOL

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Japan Holds an Annual Competition on That Can Madly Flip a Tea Table the Farthest

Japan Holds an Annual Competition on That Can Madly Flip a Tea Table the Farthest

A mall in Japan’s Iwata Prefecture held the 12th Globe Chabudai-Gaeshi Competition on June 16, drawing a variety of people excited to flip a tea table. That’s right– the event is a tea table flipping competition! The auto mechanics are easy: individuals reveal the insides of their heart while sending a plastic fish flying regarding they can. They are then judged based on the range passed by the fish and overall efficiency. According to SoraNews24, the contest, which has been going on for years, originates from the phrase chabudai gaeshi, which equates to “upending the tea

Colorado Walmart Killer Lived Alone With a Stack of Bibles and No Furnishings

Colorado Walmart Killer Lived Alone With a Stack of Bibles and No Furnishings

LITTLETON, Colorado– Minutes prior to he opened up fire inside a Walmart on Wednesday, Scott Ostrem stormed down the staircases of his apartment building and also informed next-door neighbors to “obtain the fuck out of his means. Then he got into his cars and truck as well as took off.”

Teresa Muniz states she obtains a chill when she recognizes her next-door neighbor was on his means to commit America’s following terrible capturing. The “mad man upstairs” drove to a close-by Walmart where witnesses state he strolled in, smoothly obtained his hand gun, and shot as well as eliminated 3 people waiting in line to pay. Neighbors explained Ostrem as an unusual, mad guy that lived alone in an apartment with a pile of Holy bibles and essentially no furniture.Marlena as well as Jason Fobb were looking into after buying a vacuum when they heard” pop, pop, pop.”A male in the line beside them was up to the ground bleeding.The stressed couple left their bank card in the maker and also ran for cover in the prescription glasses department where they huddled with 5 other people, consisting of a child.” We were frightened the baby would certainly shriek and also the shooter would hear it as well as locate us,

“stated Jason. The Fobbs glanced out of the division window to see Ostrem nonchalantly stroll by

with an appearance that Marlena states was “like the devil. He was hell-bent on killing people. “Ostrem fired another round of shots, the Fobbs claimed, before security revealed him leaving as

quickly as he arrived.Two men died in the shop and also a woman shed her life later at the healthcare facility. The Adams County Coroner recognized the victims as 52-year-old Pamela Marques of Denver, 66-year-old Carlos Moreno of Thornton and 26-year-old Victor Vasquez of Denver. Vasquez was the father of 2 little girls with one more kid on the way. “Ostrem strolled out unhurt to the parking area as well as went away. Authorities that have been interviewing him would certainly not talk about a motive.

Ostrem made a first appearance in a jam-packed Adams Region

court late Friday early morning, yet on the house have yet been submitted. They are anticipated by Monday.Law enforcement checked the highways for Ostrem’s red Mitsubish Mirage hatchback all evening without discovering him. Then next-door neighbors inform The Daily Beast they were shocked to see the fugitive returning residence in his automobile. Teresa Muniz stated when Ostrem saw police outside his home, he sped up off. Soon after, Ostrem was collared at a stop light, putting on the same clothing he carried the evening before. Looking gaunt as well as grim, the presumed killer was apprehended without incident.Muniz states Ostrem showed up angry for the entire two years she lived downstairs from him. You are currently signed up for the Daily Digest and also Cheat Sheet. We will not share your email with anyone for any type of reason.” He never greeted

. Nobody ever came to visit him and I thought that was odd.”Hispanic locals stated he was especially mean to them.”He wouldn’t claim absolutely nothing to us, however he spoke to the only white couple who lives here,”Muniz stated.

“I don’t comprehend where that disgust comes from.”An additional neighbor that desired not to be determined got a check out Ostrem’s home after the building’s administration asked the next-door neighbor to board up home windows broken out by SWAT.”There was hardly any furniture in there other than a TELEVISION, a lawnchair as well as a table. He rested on blankets on the floor, “the next-door neighbor says, adding there were 5 Scriptures on top and also under the table. The quirks weren’t constrained to his apartment though. Ostrem used a martial arts

match, carried a bow and arrow, and often carried a large Rubbermaid tub up and down the stairways, neighbors say.” He did it 3 times a week each week. Backwards and forwards,”said Muniz. Her partner made use of to

joke that there must be body parts inside. Cops say Ostrem had a ”

very little “criminal background consisting of a resisting arrest cost in 1999 as well as one for driving under the influence in 2003. Ostrem applied for personal bankruptcy

in 2015 after he began an electronic devices organisation that stopped working after a year and also a half.

This Table Features A Built-In Trash Can So You Can Enjoy Your Seafood Without The Added Mess

This Table Features A Built-In Trash Can So You Can Enjoy Your Seafood Without The Added Mess

Are you a shellfish lover? If you are, then go get yourself a crawfish table. Crabs, lobsters, crayfish, shrimps, oysters, clams, and scallops are undoubtedly the most delectable seafoods ever exist. But prepare for a hellish cleanup afterwards because a crawfish boil party will surely leave messy scraps. We certainly love to eat edible crustaceans but hate all the messy shells they leave behind.

Don’t let the messy leftovers ruin a good crawfish boil party. This banquet table will serve your favorite shellfish meals and will take care of your rubbish at the same time. The Crawfish Table isn’t your ordinary picnic table. This 44-inches square table has 4 large serving trays to contain your favorite selection of shellfishes. You can also throw in add-ons such as smoked sausage, whole button mushrooms, small potatoes, corn on the cob, carrots, and more. It provides sufficient space for up to 8 people to eat at once.

In addition to the serving trays, this crawfish table also has 4 drink holders, 4 condiment holders, and 2 paper towel holders. It basically holds everything you need for a crawfish boil party. But that’s not all. This table features a 23 inches diameter opening in the middle to fit any standard open barrel or garbage bin. With a trash barrel in the center, you can easily dispose the shells without the need to clean afterwards. It includes 2 bungee cords to attach to the trash can securely. Not just for shellfish, you can also use the Crawfish Table to serve other foods such as chicken legs and rib bones.

Furthermore, this tabletop is made with durable polycarbonate and food-grade ABS plastic, making it easy to clean and weatherproof. Plus, it features a stackable design for easy storage and transport. Say goodbye to messy leftovers and just indulge yourself in delicious seafood with this practical party table. Having a cookout has never been this easy and enjoyable. Get this versatile tabletop here.

There is a Motorized Pool Float Chair and It’s 2019’s Ultimate Summer Toy

There is a Motorized Pool Float Chair and It’s 2019’s Ultimate Summer Toy

Are you a beta in your own swimming pool? Do your kids do cannon balls that ruin your fresh margarita? Do they slap you in the face with a pool noodle and call you fat while you’re trying to lay back and relax? Does the annoying neighbor who does Crossfit make you feel like a Low T commercial before picture when they come over to swim and flaunt their hot bod in front of your wife? Does your wife laugh at Mr. Mid-Life Reinvention’s jokes even though they’re stupid? And are you pretty sure the length and loudness of your wife’s laughter increases in a statistically quantifiable way when this d-bag is shirtless?

There’s not a lot, if anything, you can do about any of that. This is life and chances are you’re just going to have to eat the plate of shit it served you.

At least you can play with this cool motorized pool chair from PoolCandy while all that stuff is happening, though. It looks pretty cool.

Think of all the possibilities with this thing. No more awkwardly paddling yourself over to the side of the pool to get out, or to get another drink. Buy six of these and play bumper boats in your pool. Have races and time trials. Or play water polo. Not the actual game of water polo, but regular polo in water, where you use your motor chairs as steeds. The pool game possibilities are endless. And if you have a beer or six during those games everything gets infinitely more fun.

This bad boy works in pools, lakes, or inlets. Basically any calm body of water. If you don’t buy this for your summer you might as well just stay inside until October. This is the ultimate summer enhancer.