Terrific New Furniture and Finishes

We’ve updated the Home Designer merchandise library with 50 new pieces of furniture, all with our Materials attribute that was Replace. Plus we have added over 50 new tiles into the stuff library. Keep reading to learn all about this product update!

New products together with Replace Materials
All we could say is “WOW”! Now it is even more easy to create home designs and floor plans with fixtures and furniture.

We’ve added over 50 new pieces of furniture and furnishings to make your home designs better. You’ll discover dining tables, nightstands, new bedrooms, dining chairs, tables and much much more. We’ve also added new home furnishings such as carpets, curtains, throw pillows and bathroom accessories. All with our Replace Materials attribute.

With Replace Materials, the substances can change on things. Try out different fabrics and finishes to locate the ideal look for your home. Match bits of furniture readily or make your own customized versions. You may even apply customized colors.

You can take your home designs from this:

RoomSketcher Home Designer – Living Room Design Before

… for this!

RoomSketcher Home Designer – Living Room Design After

Replace Materials is available to subscribers and RoomSketcher VIP.

More than 50 new tiles designs!
We’ve added over 50 new tile designs to the Home Designer substances library. You’ll find plenty of great new options that are perfect for kitchens and baths. Experiment with unique varieties of subway tiles, including cent tiles, marble tiles tiles and much more. Plus, we have made it a lot easier for you to discover and search based upon size, pattern and colour. You’re going to love how they seem!

RoomSketcher Home Designer – Kitchen design with new tiles

The tile selection is available to our subscribers that are Pro.

Try it today
Open RoomSketcher Home Designer and test out of the new products today! The products are available in the Home Designer tablet program, as well as in Home Designer on Mac and PC.

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