<p>Furniture Store CEO Discusses Peeling “Bonded Leather” Furniture</p>

Furniture Store CEO Discusses Peeling “Bonded Leather” Furniture

After decades, the material on the sectional Michael started peeling away.  

“My wife could just rest her mind here as we are watching television and it started peeling right in here,” Michael Brininstool stated.  

Where his furniture difficulty started Michael showed NBC 7 Responds. “And it just boils off and then you’ll find it anywhere, on the floor, the kitchen, the toilet, and clothing,” he said.  

The seat, sofa and ottoman are covered in what’s called “bonded leather.” NBC 7 Responds along with additional NBC Consumer Units around the country are reporting on customers’ problems with “bonded leather.”  

Wanting to learn more and why it is widely used to make furniture, we all sat down with Jerome’s Furniture CEO Brian Woods.  

“They take the extra leather and shred it up and it is blended with essentially a bonding compound on the rear of a film paper to offer it that leather look and texture,” Woods said. “It really gives clients that leather appearance and that leather feel at an incredibly reasonable price.”  

Woods said “bonded leather” has been on the market less than ten decades but makes up about 15-20% of the store’s leather furniture sales, including the selling to Michael Brininstool. The warranty does not cover leather that was paring although Michael said he paid extra for a protracted warranty.  

“This is not $10 million furniture however we don’t anticipate it to fail in three-and-a-half decades,” Michael explained.  

NBC 7 Responds showed images of Michael’s furniture.  

“It’s disappointing and my heart breaks to find this sort of thing,” Woods said.  

Woods told NBC 7 Responds “bonded leather” is durable but also delicate, having certain care conditions. “Once you’ve got one small peel, just a small peel, then that’s it,” he said. “It’s very difficult to stop.”  

Woods said Jerome’s established a minute-and-a-half video, to educate their clients about the material. Woods said buyers are directed to it whenever they buy anything made from “bonded leather.”  

To find the full movie made by Jerome’s Furniture, click here.

When asked if clients are to blame for your paring “bonded leather,” Woods replied, “I’m not saying that they did anything wrong, what I’m saying is that it is delicate.”  

This is much more than simply a Jerome’s problem. Based on import statistics in the United States Census Bureau, a majority of leather furniture imports, including “bonded leather” come in China and similar chairs and sofas are offered across the U.S.  

Consumer Bob asked Woods whether or not Jerome’s is reconsidering selling goods produced with “bonded leather.” Woods responded, “I’m re-thinking how much of this variety we have and making sure we are diligent with the maker quality with the variety that we do carry.”  

In terms of Michael’s scenario, he had been offered a refund for his furniture that was peeling however because we pointed out that Michael said he had never seen the maintenance movie or another care directions, Jerome’s agreed to refund all of his money.

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KidKraft Round Table and 2 Chair Set (White/Natural) — Only $34.29 Shipped!

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The Pool Table: 13 Modern Game Furniture Designs of Dive Bar

[By SA Rogers at Layout&Fixtures & Interiors.]

Most sport furniture seems as though it belongs at a musty basement smelling of carbonated beer and body odor, however higher end tables for billiards, foosball, ping pong, shuffleboard and other popular indoor games are created to fit directly into luxury environments, occasionally even finish with plated gold details. Some are even works of art in their own right, decreasing as sculpture, but others bring games which haven’t changed much in decades a little more into the present century.

Ping Pong FM Interactive Table Tennis Jukebox

This ‘fun musical take’ on table tennis by English designer Mark Wheeler lets you choose a tune to set the tempo of your match, and also the tune only keeps playing as long as you manage to keep the ball from play with. Drop this, and your game is over. “Usually music listening experiences are strictly about being as true to the original recording as possible. But why can’t listening to a document be as playful and interactive as a live operation?” says Wheeler.

Luxury Game Tables from Adriano Design

A gold-plated crystalline foosball table is among the ‘luxury’ game options offered by Adriano Design, an Italian-based firm operating as both ‘Calma e Gesso’ and ‘TECKELL.’ The Cristallino comes complete with 24-karat-gold plated players — because what will a $ 10 million estate’s owner placed in their game area? Offerings include the ‘Filotto’ pool table and the ping pong table, all created from the signature crystal-clear glass of the company. They even create child-sized ‘Angolo’ foosball table versions for children, which spare trendy details.

Isamu Noguchi Chess Table

Considered a seminal work of early natural modernism, Isamu Noguchi’s hockey table is technically a practical sculpture, presented alongside a pair of game pieces Noguchi also designed. It debuted in 1944 at ‘The Imagery of Chess’, ” a series organized by Marcel Duchamp and Max Ernst. The table was put into production in 1947, but a couple of dozen examples exist. One was auctioned buying more than100,000.

Woolsey Shuffleboard Table from Sean Woolsey

Long, slim and sleek, the Woolsey Shuffleboard Table by designer Sean Woolsey comes with a rift-sawn white walnut top finished with epoxy resin and solid black walnut legsthat conceal leg levelers. The table includes 4 white and 4 black pucks, a lot of shuffleboard salt and a wall mount for the pucks when not being used. Prices start at $10K.

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